Oliwia “Muevete” Szewczak

Oliwia initiated her dance education in 1993, commencing with rhythmic gymnastics and ballet. Subsequently, she pursued her professional dance training at the National Ballet School in Warsaw. Over the years, she has cultivated her dance proficiency in various styles, including contemporary, jazz, modern dance, and foundational hip-hop. Concurrently, she engaged in semi-professional cycling and basketball.

In 2008, Oliwia encountered Cuban style, and since then, it has been her primary and enduring passion. In 2012, she established her dance studio in Warsaw-Oye, where she began instructing individuals in 2009. Transitioning to freelance dance teaching in 2020, she conducts workshops both domestically and internationally.

As an instructor, Oliwia meticulously analyzes dance techniques such as casino, son, timba, and rumba, emphasizing steps, leading and following dynamics, geometry, body movement, musicality, and more. Actively participating in classes whenever possible, she recognizes continuous development as indispensable for sustaining energy and motivation.

Oliwia’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@olivqa88

Oliwia’s Instagram Profile: https://www.instagram.com/olivqa_muevete/

Portrait Oliwia